Private Patrol Alarm Response


Mobile Patrol private response to burglar alarm / personal panic activations is a custom service. Alarm response can include burglar alarm response to your home or business, assistance in opening your facility in the event of a fire, and providing assistance to your on-site personnel in an alarm/panic situation. This could prove very effective in a business with ISS listed as your agent to enter the facility and determine the cause or assist police.

Our dispatch service operators work closely with our mobile patrol units to assist at your facility to reduce the need for legal authorities and unnecessary media publicity when alarm response is required. This service may also reduce or eliminate the "False Alarm" fees implemented in certain municipalities or counties.

Personal panic can include cashier or clerk assistance at convenience outlets, retail businesses, motels, escorting employees off property or protection of your specified personnel in the event of threats.  Employee relations concerns are reduced as our officers execute their duties in an unbiased manner.

Medical Panic and Fire alarms are life threatening conditions but ISS patrol officers can provide assistance in your absence until proper authorities or family member arrives.

There are some restrictions based on geographical location and / or code specifications. Please call for details on this cost effective service.