Remote Site Management


Remote Site Management (RMS) is a unique and innovative combination of physical and electronic security utilizing a percentage of on-site security & officers, remote electronic inspections, and response services. RSM is a labor intensive activity, combining security services with specific client needs. The result is a very affective and cost efficient combination of burglar, security, access control, monitoring, and emergency response services. Our packages range from a single camera system to multiple facilities on large complexes; each receiving the quality service you deserve and expect at a cost effective rate.

Imagine having a security force of (16) security officers at your disposal for 1/4 the normal cost of one officer to make random inspections and report any incident normally within (30) thirty seconds. Each officer would record all activity, could speak to the intruder/visitor, turn lights off or on, open or close doors or gates, and contact your agent or the police, if necessary, for response without the perpetrator being aware. The officers would follow your instructions and submit the collected information to you. You have increased your security over 400% and reduced your physical security budget by up to 40%. ISS custom designed systems and RSM services can provide you with this effective and flexible service plus responses to suit your specific needs. We offer so much more value by offering a combination of: 

On-Site Security Personnel 

Department & Facility Access Control

Burglary Alarm Systems

On-Site & Remote CCTV Recording

Fire Alarm Systems

System Automation

Remote Video Alarm Verification

Remote Equipment Control

Interactive Communication

Custom Service Applications

24 Hour Support & Assistance

Flexible Service Control

ISS digital management, recording, and transmission systems allow simultaneous multiple viewing methods via network, Internet, or standard phone. Special encrypted coding and proprietary software ensures confidential information remains available only to authorized personnel. Our preferred system is "Self Contained" and only needs a PC for remote viewing.

RSM Service Packages are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Some of the options are:

·    Simultaneous on-site and remote digital recording; remote and local viewing. 

·    Remote Controls: doors, gates, equipment (on & off), and access. 

·    Audio Options: one or two-way communication, pre-recorded, auto-call.

·    CCTV: Video Alarm Verification, department or facility inspections, Remote Attendant Duties (reduce overhead).

·    Private owner remote viewing for verification, inspections, conferences, employee activity confirmation, and more. 

·    Retail sales enhancement, after-hours delivery verification, & more. 

Flexibility: Each system is designed to meet your specific needs; then change your Service Package by season, Call-in for special tours or duties, order activity evaluations to adjust your service package cost, and more; a simple phone call away. There's just too much for one page. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call for an appointment!