Mobile Patrol


WAI Mobile Patrol services provide four primary services: facility inspections, alarm response to WAI or existing burglar alarms, emergency assistance response, and evaluation and assistance to the local security officers.  WAI patrol officers are familiar with the geographic area and operations of our clients and their facilities.  We have multiple units operating in the North Georgia area seven days a week.

The most active part of this service is the facility inspections.  Patrol performs inspections inside or outside a client facility and performs specific duties as requested by our clients plus other services such as:

  • Building damage, water pressure, power, safety, and Security concerns

  • Checking for vehicle and equipment damage

  • Addressing unauthorized visitors & intruders

  • Traffic/Vehicle monitoring

  • Special Duties & "Call In" details are available with authorization

  • Random facility inspections with varied lengths. Spontaneity for effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Private Patrol response to alarm activations for reduction of fees and publicity

Our mobile patrol units are available upon request to assist at your facility to reduce the need for legal authorities and unnecessary media publicity such as escorting employees off property or protection of your specified personnel in the event of threats.  Our officers execute their duties in an unbiased manner. 

WAI Dispatch operators maintain facility records to increase patrol officer reaction time at your facility.  Patrol officers are equipped with two way mobile communication devices.  Our operators are available as "Back Up" for monitoring communication of patrol officers and to contact the authorities/designated agent for fast response, if necessary. No officer "goes in" alone.  Optional electronic patrol tour confirmation is available.

We maintain written activity reports at our office. These reports are confidential property available only to you or your designated agent. You can choose to review the reports every day or order specific incident reports.  Special Incident Reports are faxed to you the next business day on any incident of merit or criminal act.  You are informed and ready to address any situation the next day without having to make numerous calls and searches.

Design your Personal Security Patrol Package

Our custom service agenda allows you to specify the duties you want performed at your facility.  We develop a service plan to suit your budget and needs by item and quantity of items:

  • Once a Week, Once a Day, Seven (7) Days a Week; You set the number of Times and Days

  • Residence/Business Existing Burglar Alarm Response (As agents we can enter the premises)

  • Outside or/and Inside Checks (general or detailed inspections of either or a combination)

  • Door Checks + Operating Equipment Checks + Assist existing security officers or personnel.

There are too many options to list.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call for an appointment.

* Some restrictions may apply based on the geographical area.