Security Officers


Security Officers

 WAI Security Officer services include our full scope of on-site security, mobile patrol services, and the services of our professional associates. WAI is the leader in our area for professional execution of duties in an unbiased manner.

Our management, supervisory, and senior officers participate in developing effective operating procedures. They actively work physical post locations with our officers to maintain a good relationship with our clients and to remain alert to the constant changes of security and assets protection for your business. We have state certified instructors on staff to maintain a definable training schedule.


Professional attitude and appearance make the first impression and instills a safe working environment for your employees while providing a safe environment for your visitors. Our officers are in uniform and unarmed to maintain integrity of security and safety of your facility.


Our officers can work multiple levels of security beyond standard guard station work. Our personnel can also perform vehicle monitoring and control, transportation duties, parking and traffic control, public function control or security, operators, dispatchers, corporate security, and various special details.


Full Time, Part Time, Temporary Placement, and Emergency Call In, beginning at four hour shifts with flexibility to meet your needs. Use our Temporary Placement services to interact with your existing personnel and eliminate overtime or premium pay due to sickness, vacations, and absences.


Our officers execute PROACTIVE security and reporting measures. Standard written shift reports are maintained at our office of activities at your facility including reporting building damage, safety concerns; logging vehicles in the area; greeting visitors; and many more functions. You can review these reports every day or request specific time frames.


Incident Reports are faxed to you the next business day on any incident of merit or criminal act. You are well informed and ready to address any situation without having to make numerous calls and searches.


The WAI Contract Security Officer Advantage:


Consider the advantages and savings by utilizing WAI contract services and the reduction or elimination of compensation, risk management, administration and other overhead expenses like:


  • Overtime Pay - Premium Pay - Vacation Pay - Sick Leave - Supervision - Scheduling

  • Dependent Benefit Programs - Profit Sharing & Employee Retirement Programs - Uniforms

  • Recruiting - Liability Insurance - Workers Compensation Insurance - Investigative Strategies

  • Employer FICA - State Unemployment (SUI) - Federal Unemployment (FUI) - Drug Tests

  • Employee Screening (work and personal criminal background) - Department/Employee Records

  • Required State Training Courses - Uniform Cleaning/Maintenance

We are your full service security agency. If you would like more information please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and submit your questions or call our office at any time. Some restrictions may apply based on the geographical service area.